WBS Jr Knights

The following are discounts currently offered by the WBS Jr Knights organization:

  • 5% Early Pay Discount (details of payment date will be given with each team)
  • Goalie – 20% off tuition
  • Multi-Child Discount
  • Families with multiple players (siblings) in the organization playing during the same season will be assessed playing fees as follows:
  • First player- Highest team level, 100% of tuition
  • Second player- Next highest team level, 90% of tuition (or 10% discount)
  • Third Player- Next highest team level 75% of tuition (or 25% discount)
  • Fourth player and beyond 60% of tuition (or 40% discount)
  • EXAMPLE – If you have 3 players on the Knights, you will pay 100% of the tuition for the highest team level (i.e. Tier 1); your 2nd player will get a 10% discount off his/her tuition; and your 3rd player will get a 25% discount of his/her tuition.

IMPORTANT: This does not apply for Mite players.

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